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Do I have to be Catholic to live at Lady of Mercy?

  The Mercedarian Sisters welcome residents of all faiths. Among our residents
and staff, we have many denominations and all are welcome.

   Our mission statement is Care With Dignity.

   Our chapel is open to all faiths and services are held daily.

Do I have to make a down payment or a buy-in?

   No, your commitment is month to month. There is no long term financial
obligation to live at Our Lady of Mercy Country Home.

What are my care options?

   Our Lady of Mercy has apartments for independent living and a Residential Care Facility (RCF) Level II for assisted living.

   While living independently in apartments, residents still have round-the-clock
access to help through personal emergency pendants, pull cords in the bathrooms
and a phone call to the front desk at all hours.


   The RCF is licensed by the state of Missouri to provide residents with personal
assistance such as bathing and dressing, medication monitoring and distribution

and other care as needed. Our Director of Nursing is a Registered Nurse who oversees the nursing staff.

What if I need help in the middle of the night?

   In assisted living, the nursing staff is always available. Residents can pull a cord from their rooms to summons help or use the phone to call the front desk.

   In the apartments, residents can call the front desk, press their personal
emergency pendant or pull a cord to summon help.


Will I be bothered by smoke from my neighbor's cigarettes?

   The entire campus is tobacco-free. Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the
building or on the grounds.


Volunteering has always been a big part of my life. Will I have opportunities to do so at Lady of Mercy?

   Yes, we have a very active Volunteer Department.


   Residents can volunteer to answer the phone at the front desk, to call bingo, to lead Bible study, to teach a class, to tend the community garden and in many other ways.

   You can serve as a volunteer daily, weekly, occasionally or whatever best suits your schedule.

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